About Us

Maxxeshop (Small Imports) is a top Chinese contract manufacturer and sourcing operation offering access to quality Chinese product manufacturing in small to large MOQ's. Our main goal is to help distributors, manufacturers retailers and service firms lower costs, improve product quality and improve manufacturing techniques.

With Our Chinese Contract Manufacturer Sourcing Experience, We Offer:

  • Cost saving from outsourcing
  • Quick and experienced sourcing
  • Controlled and Monitored manufacturing.
  • Evaluation, identification and negotiation with select manufacturers
  • Onsite support, factory audit and inspections

Call Maxxeshop (Small Imports) or email us  to receive the most advanced and cost effective services.

Efficient Communication With China Direct

Our team of English and Chinese speaking professionals help with the process. Our Chinese sourcing specialists have over a decade of experience in foreign manufacturing and sourcing, ensuring your products are made with the highest standards.

We avoid common issues of product quality and pricing by communicating with each business. Our staff members talk to Chinese manufactures and are able to gain an understanding and overcome cultural differences. Our staff guarantees the manufacturing in China is done on time and will contact your business immediately in case any issue presents. Problems with sourcing and manufacture can be identified as they happen and can be resolved with efficient communication. Whether the issue is with equipment, materials, product type, specification, packaging, storage or shipment, our staff will inform your company and resolve the issues quickly.

Comprehensive Product Range

Our product range spans across many industries and businesses. This includes:

  • Environmental
  • Mining equipment
  • Hardware
  • Medical Equipment
  • Dental Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Building materials
  • Clothing
  • Footware
  • Sporting Goods
  • Security Equipment
  • Packaging machinery and packaging materials
  • Office furniture and supplies
  • Promotional products
  • Metal Casting

If your products are made in China, We can assist with sourcing and manufacture.

Why Choose Us?


Our history in helping companies manufacture is strong and long which permits us to understand Chinese culture and has created a unrivaled relationships with our suppliers.


On average, we save our customers 30% – 50% off their current manufacturing costs after shipping and customs costs. We achieve lower costs even at smaller quantities because of our large sourcing volumes.


We implement ISO 9001 Management Standards with bulk shipment. We have also developed strict production, management and quality control standards and system.


We utilize a constantly updated and proven network of small, medium, and large suppliers to meet your exact needs and to ensure your product arrives on the determined deadline and meets your quality specifications.


We offer designs and engineering services to help you decide the best manufacturing methods, materials, and processes to use.


We can obtain lower Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements, making it accessible to smaller companies, due to our long-standing relationships with our suppliers.


We aim to maintain close relationships with our clients’ requirements and concerns and correct them with our Chinese manufacturers on the spot with a zero-day delay. At Maxxeshop Limited (Small Imports), our top priority is Customer Service and to continuously improve on it.